Let’s Make NYSC Voluntary

82% say they would rather pursue their own interests than go to the National Youth Service Corps or NYSC.

Does the Nigerian Government, which is YOU & I, have the right force these 82% to attend NYSC?

Is it OK to force you to do something you don’t like?

NYSC exposes everything that’s wrong with our system, which is COMPULSION. In Nigeria, your land belongs to the government, whether you like it or not. If you find gold in your ‘rented’ land, it belongs to the government. Everything government is assigned to do is compulsion. Everything.

This is why restructuring is about collecting back the items assigned to government.

Compulsion doesn’t make things work. It makes things worse, which is why we are poor and plunged into crises.

We need to substitute our current system with one based on VOLUNTARISM.

Voluntarism, or freedom, means the elimination of force. The more you eliminate force, the more prosperous and peaceful you become.

Learn more about freedom.

What is freedom?