My Parents’ Generation Made A Mistake. My Generation Is About To Repeat The Same.

Since 1960, my parents’ generation has been looking for messiahs a.k.a good politicians to use the country’s resources to take care of them. That hasn’t worked. In fact, it made us poorer and plunged us into ethnic and religious crises.

Again and unfortunately, my generation has joined the same bandwagon, searching for messiahs for the same impossible. That will not work for us either.

There’s not going to be messiahs. The only messiah is yourself. Only you can save yourself. You can choose freedom a.k.a be your own messiah or choose Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, continue searching for messiahs.

The later has been tried by my parents’ generation and never worked. The former is proven to work anywhere it’s been tried because it is consistent with human nature.

You can either choose freedom or poverty and crises. I hope you choose freedom. Freedom is the gateway to prosperity and ethnic/religious tolerance. Freedom is hope.