What is Freedom?

Human beings are FREE in nature. Meaning, we survive BEST under conditions that force is absent.

Freedom means absence of force.

Anything that violates our freedom tends to affect our lives and our society negatively. Therefore, the aim of any society should be the elimination of force.

The constitution of any country should be designed in such a way as to minimize force as much of possible. Countries that minimizes force (thereby increases freedom) do better than those that do the opposite.

To that end, government should be used ONLY to protect you from being forced.

CAUTION: Because government laws are force itself, a society must limit the function of government to only those that protect freedom. These functions translate to POLICE, DEFENSE, and COURTS. Anything beyond this infringes on freedom. For example, in Nigeria, it is not the function of government to organize JAMB, own and manage our oil, regulate marriages, and so on.

REVISION July 5, 2018: I do NOT longer support government control of police, defense, and courts because supporting government itself is immoral. I could not come to terms with supporting a concept that violates freedom to protect freedom. Learn more from my Podcast https://overcast.fm/+NelBfn2UQ

Use the below principles to distinguish between what’s force and what’s not.

For you to have freedom, the following must take place:

1. Power to act on anything you want to do, except violating others’ rights.

2. No one should stop you from performing such acts either by physically stopping you or threatening you with punishment or because they control what’s yours and use it to command obedience or take away your property.

These principles must be enjoyed by every member of that society, if you don’t enjoy any of the above then your freedom is violated.

Violation of freedom is an immoral act. Meaning it is like committing a sin. Committing such violations leads to negative consequences for the society in general.

The easiest way for a society to fall is to continue committing these sins.

In Nigeria, such violations are everywhere. That is why we are faced with poverty and ethnic/religious violence. These two claim the lives of Nigerians everyday.

Can you think of ways your freedoms are violated in Nigeria, by using the above principles?