Proposed Rights of Nigerians

Right to life; dignity of human persons; liberty; fair hearing; private and family life; peaceful assembly and association; acquire and own property; demand government to remedy grievances and personal belongings. 

No discrimination on the basis of race, gender, place of origin, political opinion, social or economic status, disabilities or circumstance of birth, religion, ethnicity and language. 

Freedom of expression and the press; thought and conscience and movement; 

No Nigerian shall be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures in their house and belongings. Probable violation of laws shall be accompanied with a Warrant describing where to search, the persons involved or items to be seized.   

Any person who is arrested or detained shall have the right to remain silent or avoid answering any question until after consultation with a legal practitioner or any other person of his own choice.   

No restriction or deprivation of fundamental human rights.   

Any person who is arrested or detained for criminal violations of the Law shall be brought to court of law for trial within a reasonable time, be educated about the reason for arrest and be tried among an impartial jury of his pairs in the State or jurisdiction where the violation occurred. The Accused shall be entitled to gather witnesses in his or her favor and the Accuser shall also be entitled to gather witnesses against the accused. The Accused shall also be entitled to a lawyer.   

Bail shall not be excessive. Punishment of a convicted offender shall not be excessive. 

No Nigerian shall be forced to be a witness against his or her self in a criminal case.

Unless found guilty by a grand jury, no Nigerian shall be forced to answer for a capital or notorious crimes.

No Nigerian shall be tried more than once in a Federal court for the same offence. 

No private Property shall be taken for public interest without a fair compensation. 

Every citizen of Nigeria of 18 years shall be entitled to vote in any elections. 

Citizens of Nigeria, born or naturalized, shall enjoy all the rights and privileges mentioned in this constitution in all the States of the Federation and such rights and privileges shall be protected and shall not be deprived without due process of Law.   

All the rights of the Nigerian people mentioned in this Constitution shall not be said to be all their God given rights and as such shall not be abridged and denied by any government in Nigeria