Proposed States Duties

The Powers not assigned to this Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are left to the States respectively, or to the people.

Creation of States:

There shall be equal number of States in Northern and Southern Nigeria. If upon passage of this Constitution, the States in the Northern and Southern Nigeria are Unequal, the Region with less States shall automatically be entitled to create more States to equal the number of States in the Other Region and the resolution shall said to be automatically passed without the consent of the National Assembly but with the approval of two thirds of the people residing in the area affected, within or across States lines as long as all the States concerned are either in the Northern or Southern part of Nigeria; and two thirds of the State or States Legislatures affected. Additional consent of the National Assembly shall be required if the two Regions are creating additional States on equal footing.

The National Assembly shall determine the boundary of Northern and Southern Nigeria.

No new states shall be created in Northern Nigeria except another is created in the South and vice versa. The National Assembly shall vote Concurrently on the newly proposed States from the North and South.

Abuja shall not be counted as State.

Guarantee of Democracy:

Democracy as a form of government shall be guaranteed and protected by Nigeria in every State against foreign or domestic invasion and domestic violence.

Transitioning Powers to States:

The Powers of the Federal Government of Nigeria enumerated in the 1999 Constitution (For example, the Nigeria Police Force) but not delegated to it by this Constitution shall be transferred to States in a manner prescribed in a Transitional Report by the Representatives of the States. The Constitution shall be approved by two thirds of the States to become the Law of the Land with each State having a simple Yes or No votes. The Transitional Report shall be approved by two thirds of the States to become a Statute of the Federation with each State having a simple Yes or No votes.

If the people of a State voted NO for the Transitional Report then they shall immediately upon the approval of the Constitution receive all powers due to them except Mineral resources and Ports but shall within reasonable time, as prescribed in the Transition Report, receive the ownership of their Mineral resources and Ports.

Not Powers of State:

States shall not-

Enter treaties with any foreign country

Coin and issue money

Pass laws affecting Contracts

Lay Import Duties or Exercise, engage in war unless invaded, raise or keep Army, Navy, Air force, weapons of war without the consent of the National Assembly

Recognition of a State laws in other States:

States courts must honor the judicial Proceedings, public Acts and Records of every other State. The National Assembly shall make Laws about how the judicial Proceedings, public Acts and Records shall be proved and the consequence from it.


A person charged with any crime in any state shall be returned to the State where the crime was committed on the authority of the State Governor.

Any debt of the Federation or of a State entered into before the adoption of this Constitution shall continue to be valid against the Federation and State under this new Constitution.

There shall be no religious qualification to holding a public office in Nigeria.