Proposed Judicial Branch Duties

There shall be a Supreme Court of Nigeria vested with Judicial Power of the Federation composed of Judges appointed by the President and confirmed by the National Assembly.    

The National Assembly shall establish courts lower to the Supreme Courts with Judges appointment by the President and confirmed by the National Assembly.


Individuals cannot sue their own State in a Federal court without its consent, however, State Officials can be sued for violating Federal Laws. Foreign countries cannot sue a State in a Federal Court without the State’s consent.

Treason Against Nigeria

Declaring war against Nigeria or helping the enemy of Nigeria shall be considered a Treason against Nigeria.


No person shall be convicted of Treason unless by a Testimony of two people or confession in an open Court.


Only the National Assembly shall decide punishment for Treason and the Punishments cannot prevent the convicted person from passing on his/her wealth or property to anyone. The Court cannot seize the property or wealth of a person convicted of Treason.


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